Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tow Truck Troubles!

So this morning I woke up and started getting the kids ready for church. I was in the middle of changing Joshua's diaper when I heard my door bell ring. Very strange for the door bell to ring at 8:30 am on a Sunday morning. I ran down the steps to see my neighbor Carmen at the door saying "I am sorry to tell you but your car was just towed I tried to run after them but I was too late." My car towed....from in front of my house....on a Sunday morning....with all of my carseats....not cool!!!! So I called up the tow company and asked why it was towed and they said I had an expired state inspections sticker since 2009. Very strange that it could be expired since 2009 considering that is when it was first registered in Missouri, and I didn't think someone would give us and expired sticker they day they issued it to us. However the driver insisted that it was a "dead' sticker and he had to tow it. I explained I was unaware of anything being expired on the vehicle, I had 3 small children, 9 months pregnant and my husband in Afghanistan for the year, and asked if they could bring my car back. He told me it was against policy so I had to get a baby sitter for the kids ( my mom came right over) My neighbor gave me a ride to the tow place. I was unable to talk to anyone there because the girl behind the window was on the phone the whole time and just took my liscense, and debit card and then said go to the gate on the left.....I just wanted my car back to get to church since I had already missed sunday school. My mom and I both looked at the sticker which has no expiration date on it and knew they did not have any right to take it away. My car does not need to be inspected until the registration is expired in 2012!! They need to give me my $125.00 back and gas money to give to my neighbor. I called them tonight and no one ever called me back. So I will call again in the morning. I hate to complain but seriously this was not nice!

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