Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maternity fashion show....Not Really

Love This brown Motherhood sweater I got for $2! Am I glowing yet?

Not sure what kind of face I am making.....

Well Today I am 21 Weeks along with the 4th child =) God is so good. I usually try and avoid maternity clothes until the last trimester just because I don't like looking pregnant. Most maternity clothes fit in such a way that they really accentuate your belly. Oh and not mention when I go into a store with 3 young children the looks and questions I get....."Are they all yours?"....."You've got your handsful." ......"This is the last one right?"

However I got some really great deals on maternity clothes at a yard sale and my sister picked up some shirts at a consignment sale they were having at her YMCA. I figured tommorrow is not promised neither are any more pregnancies, and don't want all the cute clothes to get little use. So I might as well as enjoy my pregnancy despite any discomfort from my varicose veins, tiredness, and having my husband miss the whole pregnancy and birth due to a year deployment. So today I decided to bring out the maternity clothes at just 21 weeks along . I have so much to be thankful for and know so many women out there have heavy hearts because they can't even have one successful pregnancy. I am so blessed and am going to enjoy my growing belly everyday that God gives me =)

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