Sunday, October 10, 2010

Military Hospitals

So, since someone at the whiteman AFB finance office decided not to process our move and change our housing allowance for the last 2 and half months (over 1 thousand dollar difference) I cancelled with the midwife. I decided I would rather not take anymore from our savings account and focus on paying off one last debt we owe. So that leaves us with another military Hospital experience. The first birth at Nellis AFB went well we checked in so late they had no time to give iv or suggest pitocin. The staff however had some rude comments about us refusing the pitocin after the birth, the erythromycin in the babies eyes, the hep B vaccine, and not getting Christian circumcised. We signed an early release form and left the next day. The 2nd birth at Portsmouth naval hospital was terrible: I didn't have the baby until 17 hours after checking in and was badgered about not recieving pitocin and an epidural for the whole 17 hours! I was needed told to starve and not eat until the baby was born. I had to sneak out and eat at the cafe, ask to use the bathroom during the last part of labor so I could squat and not have to lay down and sit still with that cursed fetal monitor around my belly. So finally after having a natural birth the staff tells me that I have no choice, I have to take pitocin for the next 6-8 hours...ouch with a nursing baby and no drugs. I got two roomates, one left our shared toilet bloody and had a bunch of cursing loud navy friends in and out of the room. I had the side of the room with no window and had to walk across her side of the room to use the toilet. I had to threaten to stay the rest of my visit in the lounge room with the vending machines before getting my own room. The Third baby at a civilian hospital in Missouri was much better. However, since I checked in 3 days early because my water broke I was again interregated as to why I would not take pitocin. Doctors and midwives came and told me how I was going to die and the baby if I didn't take it. So finally I had the baby with no drugs or interventions and the recovery room was great no roomates and I got to leave the next day =) They even let the boys spend the night in the room in the pack n play =)This time around Fort Belvoir Army Hospital will be where I deliver. I have had one appointment so far; aside from it taking 20 minutes circling the parking lot to get a parking spot it went pretty well. I go in for a sonogram on wednesday =) The ladies at church and my mom have been so helpful and reliable for help with the boys. So I think I can survive at most 6 more appointments and 24 hours of military care. Prayerfully our bah will be changed soon and we will be debt free within the year =)

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