Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Family Photos and a Surprise!

It's been almost 2 years since we have had our family pictures done!! I met a sweet lady out at a festival one morning in Suffolk and we exchanged info and became friends. She gave me her biz card for photos and I told her when we need our pictures done we would definitely call her! I love to support other moms! Since we live so close to a lot of little beaches off shore of Virginia Beach I thought it would be fun to do a shoot in the sand!

Chris and I after 11 years of marriage and 6 children!

Just me and the kiddos!

Just dad and the kiddos!


The children which the Lord hath graciously granted His servants!!!

Look at this kid!! He is so grown up now!! Christian is 10 and towering over his siblings!

Then there is Noah who is a spitting image of Chris!

My sweet Joshua who everyone says looks like me because of his light hair and freckles!

The one and only Logan girl; Miss Rachel as pretty as can be!

Gideon who was less than thrilled to be taking pictures.

and Mr. Moses who is the family baby .........but not for long!!!!



Rhonda said...

Sweet photos- and what happy news about baby #7 :)

Sarah in Ireland said...

Yay - Congratulations!!!

Kathy Colley said...

Congratulations, Kelly!!!!!!

Loved the pictures!!!!

Shelby said...

Oh my word how cute are you!!!! Congratulations, I am so excited for you:)))))

Manuela said...

This is wonderful. I am so excited for you and your family. But who is that guy with the curly hair? LOL
Miss you guys. We were just talking about you at lunch. About how excited Chris always was when talking about or to the Lord. How we wished more Christians would be as excited.
God bless you and your family! Love you!

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks everyone! we can't wait to meet our new little one!! Manuela do you not like Chris' hair....lol....it has grown on me now =). we miss yall too!!! Chris hasn't changed he is always talking about the Lord =)