Monday, August 11, 2014

Decently and In Order: Hampton Rental Home Living and Dining Room

Let all things be done decently and in order.
 Welcome to our dining room! There is nothing to organize in moving on to the living room.

 At first glance it looks like nothing to organize but our ottoman has a lot of storage space!

 The ottoman holds all of our media stuff and some comfy blankets.

 We have a Wii U my husband bought the kids last year and we use pencil boxes that cost $1 at Walmart or Target to divide and conquer.

 Then I found these cute little index card holders that fit perfectly in the pencil boxes to further organize also only a dollar at Walmart.

 Up to 3 remotes fit in one box which is perfect since we have 3 of them is missing in action right now......even in our very organized home sometimes we lose things...We lost a pair of shoes last month and I am still scratching my head as to where they have gone....Gideon does like to throw things in the trash sometimes.

 The pencil boxes also fit up to 3 rechargeable battery holders.

 The closet
 We have a broom, a dust mop, a steam mop and vacuum and my diaper bag. The dust mop makes sweeping the floor twice as fast as using a regular broom =).

 Okay so don't laugh at our tool collection......these are all the tools we We are just renting so any major repair needing big tools the landlord should fix =).

 I keep the extra mop and vacuum accessories in the first basket and my moby wrap in the other basket. Can't wait to wrap up our new little one!!
That's all for our living room and dining room. My favorite part is how comfy our couch is and it holds all of us as a family comfortably =).  Many cuddling memories here with the kiddos and family devotions =).

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