Saturday, August 23, 2014


I am so thankful that our church family had a wonderful baby shower for me last night! My sis took pictures but I don't have them here a few highlights for now =). God is so good to me!

Acts 20:35" is more blessed to give than to receive."
My baby shower outfit 35 weeks!

My sweet little girl Rachel was there while the boys played at our pastor's house!

I received over 12 packs of diapers!

and 20 packs of wipes!

I just finished making thank you cards and I am ready to sleep for about 12 hours tonight!


Lindsey said...

You are so blessed with churches! Seriously. I pray we will find that sort of church home one day.

When are you due again? You should do a post about your new midwife like you did last time. How did you find her?

Also...we live in an apartment and they have strict rules on how many people can live in them (as in, 2 per bedroom). Is your landlord upset you're having another child? It's always stressed me out every time we had another baby because of those rules.

Kelly Logan said...

Hi Lindsey =) Praise the Lord for our church I got even more wipes at church on Sunday from ladies who couldn't make it to my shower! I am due the 26th so hopefully just a few more weeks =) I actually have a whole birth team this time 2 midwives and an assistant plus my husband of course! I will def do a blog post about them =). In VA the law is supposedly related to square footage like at least 150 sqft per person in each bedroom or something like that....when we were in Vegas and tried to renew our one bedroom lease with our newborn they said there was a "two heartbeat" per room law....who knows....drives me crazy especially with little toddlers and babies you really don't need any extra space....should be an adventure trying to find a place to rent as a family of 8!