Thursday, May 16, 2013

Decently and In Order Pt. 22 The Garage!

Well since it has been over a year since my last Decently and In Order Post ............I figured better late than never....right? Here is our garage!!!

Here is the left side of our garage
 In the far corner we have storage totes, my Kirby vacuum excessories, and suitcases.
 In these totes we have our little Christmas tree, decorations and Chris' military items incase WW3 Breaks out and he gets called back to duty. Since he voluntarily separated and received a bonus pay he committed to the Inactive Reserves for 2 years. The tote under the suitcases is my "Sell" tote where I put things after posting on craigslist so they don't clutter up my house!
This garage locker is perfect for non-tool people like 
We have touch up paint, caulk, and spraypaint of course!! Then a power drill and 2 tool kits on the next shelf up. I actually tried to sell one at our garage sale last week only to find out by my husband that there were two different types of tools in each I still think the tools look the same in both kits  but whatever wives submit yourselves to your own husbands....We have a sander and saw that have each been used only once or twice.....

I got these bins at Wal Mart for just 97 cents!

 I also got these hardware organizers at Wal Mart in the arts and crafts jewelry section.

 My Garden bin has 3 different shovels and gloves.
 This tote has all the balls and sports stuff! The tote below has airbeds and a pack n play for guest or travel.

If I only had a shed......this corner would be clear!

Then the right side of the garage keeps the trash can, stroller and assortment of bikes for our 5 children!
Chris and I would like to get some grown up bikes some day too. Right now I can't imagine trying to bike ride as a family of 7 with children ages 3 months through 7 years old!

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