Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Last Few Weeks of My Pregnancy!

The last few weeks seemed to really drag on as I thought I would have baby #5 faster. Now looking back it was fun to be pregnant and I kind of miss feeling the baby kick around inside the womb. I had a nice baby shower on February 1st, 2013.

 Our Pastors wife did a devotion on the names Gideon and Micaiah.

There were quite a few ladies missing at my shower but we still had a good time =)

I received lots and lots of diapers and wipes and a couple outfits and a handmaid quilt.

The church secretary made these cute little cupcakes by hand.

Then I got all the way to 39 weeks and 2 days!

This is the longest I have been  pregnant ever! So I tried holding my breath. That didn't work.

My sweet pastor's wife gave me a certificate for a free hair cut and style so I got my hair done =). Then the next morning was the last morning I woke up pregnant!........Birth Story to follow next!


Becky Wise ROLPHOTOS said...

CAnt wait so excited to hear your birth story....and excited to see you and take pics...Becky

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Becky!! I can't wait to see you either...the last time I walked by your house it was still empty. I am so glad you will come to Springfield every once in while!

Shelby said...

Yay I am so excited for you Kelly, man what a blessing. I just read your birth story and had tears of joy. Love his name:)


Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Shelby! I am glad you enjoyed our birth story =)

Lisa said...

Girl you look FABULOUS pregnant lol