Sunday, September 23, 2012

Consignment Craziness!! A review of the Just Between Friends Sale

Just Between Friends
Here in Springfield, Missouri we had 2 HUGE consignment sales! I shopped at the first one put on by the Trading Hands Kids Sale and got some pretty good deals! Then I participated in the Just Between Friends Sale as a consignor. It was pretty exciting. It kind of felt like black =)

I didn't have much to consign as I am waiting to get rid of or keep my baby girl things; after our sonogram on Wednesday! I made my own price tags with barcodes at home with the JBF website and safety pinned them on. The inspection process was very meticulous and if your clothes didn't look brand new they were not taking them! My 3 boys are pretty hard on their clothes and I thought I only picked out the best of the best and put the rest in the donate bag..... Needless to say even though I cleaned and ironed the outgrown clothes some were rejected =(. My friend at church gladly took the rejects and her son is now wearing them though =) All together I had 12 items of boy clothes, 3 slippers, and a few books. They sold all 18 items!!

The sale was soooo massive there were mountains of boppy pillows and buckets and buckets of shoes in every size possible and jam packed clothing racks! 

Since I was a consignor I got to shop before the public. I was really excited about this until I realized that the shop before the public day was a Tuesday when hubby would be gone with the car =(. My pastor's wife came to the rescue and dropped me off to shop and ran errands with my 2 little ones. I got this nice Gap Maternity Pea Coat for $40. Not the cheapest thing there but I figure I can resell it for around the same price next year =)
I love yard sales and consignment shops because you can find things that are hard to find in stores nowadays like skirts for little girls that go below the knee =) This Children's Place skirts was $3 and will be going to my nieces until it is time to pass it back to my baby Rachel =)

The JBF consignor website updates at the end of each sale day to display what items have sold!
They sold all of my items that passed inspection for $76.75! I will get 60% of that minus the $10 consignor fee. So in about 2 weeks I should be getting a check for around $36! That is waaaayy more than I could have made at a yard sale!

I would definitely do this sale again next year!!!
The JBF is a nationwide franchise you should check out their site to see if they have one near you!


Rhonda said...

good job!
the consignment in our town is Adorable Affordables and I never go but my daughter just went and got some maternity things for herself and 2 outfits for her daughter.

If the winter is very cold, you will be very thankful you bought that nice coat. $40 is a great price.

Kelly Logan said...

I love the name Adorable Affordables! I am hoping our winter is alittle colder than last year so we can play in some snow with my pea coat =)

Martina said...

wished we lived in a place where the had good thrift stores and consignment places with name brands, but sadly here you can find only the walmart brands there.
We just found out we are expecting our 3rd and hoping for a girl as i love to sew and have the itch to make some dresses lol.. if not well i guess i have enough hand me downs from the older brothers.

Kelly Logan said...

congrats Martina! I really thought our third would be a girl but it took us 4 times to get I wish I knew how to sew =) I am sure you can make things much nicer than what can be found at any store these days for a reasonable price =)