Saturday, September 8, 2012


1 Samuel 15:23
For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry

     I had a great opportunity to attend a ladies conference this weekend. In all honesty it really hadn't been on my mind much as to what God would have for me to learn. I was just going because I thought it sounded nice....yea I know I am not that spiritual at times. 

  The theme for the the conference was "...Teach Me Thy Paths." Ps 25:4. The first night was really more than I wanted to hear about myself. The speaker Angie Gaddis spoke on, "Teach me thy paths in being a wife". If you would have asked me before last night if I was a good wife...I would have told you...I am one of the best wives I know....I mean really did you have to ask? LOL. I stay home and care for the kids, I cook, I clean, I organize, I pray for my husband. That is pretty good don't you think? Better than most wives out there right?? 

Of course Mrs. Gaddis had to break out Ephesians 5 on me! 

Ephesians 5:22 "22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body."

     I realized I have been extremely rebellious in this past year after my husband separated from the Air Force. I had been on my own for a year making all the decisions, controlling the budget, the child training, the home keeping everything! It was a little harder than I thought to take the submissive role when he returned from Afghanistan. Here is a break down of how I rebelled and how God used my husband to protect our family from hardship by not listening to my great

Exhibit A)  I wanted to take out a mortgage for a home. Chris said No. I said "whine, whine whine, and then Fine do whatever you want to do we will live in a tiny house with a bunch of unruly kids roaming the streets!"

How God used it for good.
1) Taking out a mortgage could have financially ruined us because we had no income for about 9 months!

2) Moving to this neighborhood gave us great opportunity to witness to people who would have otherwise never stepped foot inside a church building!

3) Of course those unruly neighborhood kids have become the main focus of the bus ministry at Bible Baptist Church. I have grown to love each one of them no matter how unruly they are because I am sure God sees me just the same and still loves me =)

Exhbit B) I told my husband to get a normal job; not commision only. We went down to $2 in our checking and savings account and God showed me that I not only didn't trust my husband, but didn't trust Him either. I began to think really really bad thoughts like I should have finished my degree and got a steady job and not had kids, I should start a daycare to pay the bills, I should start waiting tables at night .....just crazy things....

How God used it for good:

1) Chris is self employed and can set his own hours and even take the children to work with him when I feel overwhelmed.

2) Chris only has to leave the home 2-3 days a week for his job. He does the rest from home. 

3) Our family now has the opportunity to earn passive income the longer he stays with his insurance business.

Those are just 2 examples of my rebelliousness towards my husband. I thank God for a husband who unlike Adam didn't hearken unto the voice of his wife! Ladies submit to your man!!


Jenn said...

This is the greatest post. I am a type a personality and i am married to the most passive man ever. Thankfully, he puts his foot down on things! But that being said, if I would have submitted to my husband, we could have avoided a lot of turmoil. For example, we bought a house that in my mind thought would be great for our family but my husband did not want to take out a 140,000 mtg. However, because he thought I really wanted this home he did it and it has been such a source of discourse in our marriage. For one thing, it is 4,000 sq ft, it is impossible for me to keep clean and organized. For second, my husband is now basically tied down to his job he hates for as long as we live here. I have had people say, just move but it is not that easy to undo sin. Now I just pray that the Lord can help us find a house that we can pay cash for, and one that lets us be one in agreement about. Yes, the Lords ways are so much better than what we want for ourselves. I just pray that I can remember this in the thick of things!!!

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you for your comment Jenn =) I know that God has a plan for everything that has happened I think of Old Jonah running from God and then even in the midst of his disobedience the men on the boat were saved after seeing the power of God! We can't change the past and there are things we all kick ourselves over (I have several =)) The best thing to do is just keep moving forward and do our best to serve God wholly each day =) And wow 4,000 square feet! If we ever get a house that big....I am making sure a maid service is included with the home =)

Maleesa Nussbaum said...

Hi, I found your blog from browsing around at money saving mom. Like Jenn my husband is kind of passive, and I have a type A personality. Luckily he has always put his foot down if my idea is too crazy. Right now my husband is starting a new job that will only be based off of commission for a while, and I home school our three kids. Sometimes I am tempted to think I should just put them in school and get a job.

Kelly Logan said...

Hi Maleesa =) What a pretty name =) I know exactly how you feel. My husbands commission only job is a real faith builder! Some weeks we make no $ but spend over $1,000 on business expenses!! God has really shown me that I trust a lot in our bank account. We just have to trust that God will bless our efforts in being obedient to his will with staying home with the kids, teaching them, and submitting to our husbands! I am praying for you to have peace with your hubby's new job!