Thursday, July 21, 2011

Northern Virginia Driver Strikes at Last!

Well within the first few hours of being here in Northern Virginia we noticed that there was a bit of an impatient spirit haunting the roads. I think someone beeped at us at least once a day to tell us to pick up the pace. Parking lots are a fight for the best spot and people will run you over with your baby in your arms to make sure they get the best spot even though they are young and healthy with no kids and could have parked a little further away. I was just saying to myself I cannot believe we have been here for almost a year without some one crashing into us. I spoke too soon because after leaving Target with some friends I came back to my car to find a note on it. The note explained how sorry someone was for their accident of scraping the side of my car. As I was buckling the kids in the lady pulled up next to me and gave me her insurance info and kept asking about someone calling the police on her after she hit the van. God must have been watching out for us because all of my friends were in the store with me when it happened. I don't know if she would have been so kind as to leave her info if someone hadn't stopped and written her license plates down. Well anyway, I remained calm and was not even upset really. I figured I should go ahead and get it fixed as my friends advised incase we wanted to resell it oneday. So I went ahead and had it fixed, I got to ride around in a 2011 mini van for a few days, they cleaned and waxed the car and the car looks better than it did when I dropped it off! Plus they gave me a $50 check for the scratch on the black rubber part on the side of the van that you can't even notice! God is in control of every situation and I am thankful no one was hurt and everything worked out the way it did =)

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