Friday, December 25, 2009

A White Christmas

We woke up this morning and the ground was covered in snow! I was very excited and christian was too. Noah was not too bothered about the snow. We made belgian waffles and bacon. We put Joshua down for his morning nap and then all headed to the backyard for fun in the snow! When I say fun I mean trying to dodge all of Daddy's snowballs....We are going to do sugar cookies in a while. and then head to the assistant pastors house for a game night at 7pm if the snow is not too bad. What a fun Christmas....with no Santa, no tree and no coveted presents, no Stress=) Thank God for this wonderful Christmas!

Noah did not last long....after Chris hit him in the face a few times with snow balls he had to come in soon. No I am not trying to look cute in the snow as my husband assumed. I don't have a winter jacket and thought I would do the neighborhood a favor and put something modest over my tights.

Christian did not want to come back in even after taking many snow balls to the face.

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