Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bush Gardens on a dime

Giddy Up!

Noah getting readay for a 3D movie

On saturday we went to bush gardens which is only a half hour drive from our home in Hampton. We got free parking from charlotte and free tickets from being military dependants! The kids had alot of fun. We fed them luch before we left and the only thing that I bought was kettle corn for 5.44! Who would have thought you could take 3 kids to bush gardens for the day and only spend 5.44! God is good and gives us handfuls of grace on purpose! however only one bag of kettle corn caused an uproar with christian and charlly who both wanted to hold the bag themselves.

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liz said...

I love the pouty faces at the top! =) That looks like so much fun, and what a bargain too! That is great! We miss y'all but I'm glad to see you all having a good time while you are there.