Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back On the NET!

okay so I haven't had internet for over 1 month!!

no money saving mom no email no checking our bank account

no FUN!

Well alot has happened Chris came to visit twice in one week.

We miss him so much.

We moved to the new house with charlotte, I painted our room and bathroom and tried to make it like a mini hotel for t he 4 of us....i know what some people are are we living in one bedroom with four people...but it is not bad at all. God is good and can make you comfortable no matter how much space or things you have. =)


liz said...

I'm glad you're back!! Miss you.

chris said...

I love you sweetheart. You are so wonderful. God willing I will be home to see you shortly. Thank you so much for being my wife. I miss you.