Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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I know this is shocking and I am still kind of shocked we are planning a hospital birth this time around. There are only 3 different homebirth midwife companies that attend in the area we live in and EVA Homebirth is definitely disqualified because of our last birth experience (you remember the midwives who told me NOT to try and go into labor the day my water broke because they had another mom in labor and didn't so much as come to check my temperature or verify that my membranes ruptured some 30 hours after I called them and told them my water broke and needed to start inducing labor with natural methods and then tried shipping me off to the hospital after we spent some $4,000 out of pocket btwn. blood work and prenatal visits!) So I set out hopefully to find a different midwife and it sounded good; I even went to an appointment.......but the appointment was downright awful! The office and birth center was filthy like musty clothes and blankets stuffed in corners, dingy fetal dopplers lying around on the floor, toys everywhere, old soda cups....I wish I had taken a picture.....but it was all kind of surreal. If that wasn't enough there was another mom in there with her 2 kids just hanging out at my appointment in the chair next to me who changed her baby's diaper in the chair next to me and didn't even bother to get up and wash her hands....then she starts telling the midwife how she is leaving her husband and dating women and the midwife is just staring into her eyes telling her how much she has been thinking about her lately......She could obviously tell I was taken aback and said, "Oh you know this is how prenatal appointments should be ....a group setting with other moms ". It can't get any weirder right......wrong.... we hear scratching and howling and she says, "Oh that's my pit bull in the other room, I should let him out to play with the kids." UUUUMMMMMMMM NO!  I like animals alot but I don't want a strange pitbull unleashed with my 6 children in the room because this is a breed that makes up 6% of the dog population and does like 80% of the fatal attacking!

 Never the less I am not picky and was just going to sign papers anyway but the Lord intervened and caused her printer to run out of paper and she was supposed to mail the papers to me ....but they never came some 2 months later! On top of this shenanigans Chris is doing truck driving and so there is no guarantee he will be here at the I don't want to go unassisted without a midwife or husband and 6 other children roaming So I called up the local hospital!
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The local hospital has an OB residency program that even without insurance costs less than a homebirth the total would only be approx. $3,200 and if paid within 60 days of birth $2,220! Praise the Lord our insurance covers the whole thing though!  So far the appointments have been good, one of the dr.'s told me I am the expert with this being my 7th child and so it seems they should have no problems with my natural birth plan. =)  Baby is due in about 7 weeks so I should have a birth story soon =)


Jenn in Indiana said...

I am glad you are having peace with your hospital. It sounds like you might teach the doc a thing or two, LOL! I thought your husband was selling insurance? Is he driving truck where he is gone for days at a time? That would be hard with the small children. God Bless and Good Luck on your birth.

Anonymous said...

I think hospital births are great! I had great experience each time. You can always refuse the procedures you don't like and nursing staff is usually very sweet. I moved to US from Ukraine and hospital births here compare to hospital births in Ukraine are like a vacation stay.

Kelly Logan said...

Hey Jenn! My husband has been doing construction type stuff and truck driving for over a year =) I am excited to do a hospital birth at a civilian hospital our first 4 were military births and the base hospitals are the worst. =) This hospital sounds like a hotel with your own private room, wireless fetal monitor and flat screen tvs and birth tubs!