Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Update

 Well Hello!!! Long time no post! It is Nov. 5 already!! So much as happened for starters we have a one year old now!!!
 And we have really kicked things up a notch in our clean living with the help of Young Living Oils and fun friends who are detoxing their homes as well!
 Alot of People complain about the price of Young Living but YL is undeniably the world leader in essential oils and have their own farms all over the world with a seed to seal process =). However if you are a wholesale member there are tons of freebies through the autoship program called essential rewards. When you spend a minimum of 50Pv you get rewards points back first 10%, then 15% after 6 months, then 20% after 1 year!! Also in addition to the points for free stuff you get free products at certain amounts for each order. For example last month with a 190 pv order you got free thieves and clove oil, then with 250pv the thieves, clove and 20 extra reward points, then with 300pv the thieves, clove, 20 extra points and a free diffuser!!! So in the end it makes their products close to half off of wholesale price! Plus the Lord has blessed us to have friends order with us each month and so all of everything in the picture above didn't have to touch our family's bank account!
 I also have been making these cute diffuser necklaces to give to friends that order with us or people that come to our classes we teach on the oils =)
As for how our homeschool year is going...well its =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, we are just getting into oils here at our house too! Just curious- i see your diffuser, but how else do you use the oils? do you mix with other carrier oils to apply to your skin or do you only diffuse? I am so interested how others are using their oils!

Jenn in Indiana said...

Glad to read a post from you again! I have missed your organizing post very much, they were so inspiring (hint, hint!!). Good to hear you are all doing well!

Kelly Logan said...

Hey Jenn!! Glad you are still here reading.. lol. I feel like everything is the same in this house as the last house just in different I can do an oil organization post.. =)

Kelly Logan said...

Hello!! I use some oils with a carrier if they are hot oils like cinamon, clove, lemon grass etc. Many of them are dietary supplements and can be used internally in a glass of water or swallowed in a veggie capsule! Just make sure to check the label of your oils not all oil companies reccomend direct topical or ingestion ;)