Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

 Our church hosted a wonderful Mother Daughter banquet and I praise the Lord that out of 6 children He gave me my little girl!
 Isn't she lovely???
 My sweet husband picked out these cream colored roses for me!

Then to end the night my sweet baby Moses fell asleep on me and I just watched him sleep for a while instead of doing some late night chores!


Amy said...

I am the ladies ministry leader for my church and always looking for new ideas! Can you share what you all did at the banquet? Would love to add something like this to our church! Thanks!

Kelly Logan said...

Hi Amy =) We kept things really simple! All we did was cover the walls with roll out paper and I cut verses with my cricut. It was a scrapbooking theme "He is Still working on Me". Also some other ladies put together some scrapbook paper and tied them together with strings for each mother daughter pair to work on their own scrapbook. We also had a photoshoot station so as the moms and daughters were coming in they got their photo taken and someone printed them out and had them ready on Sunday at church for pick up. I forgot what the games of the ladies from church was cleaning out her scrapbooking lot and donated all the table decor and prizes. The food was ordered out. Hope this helps ;)