Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Move

Soooo it's been 5 weeks since we moved to Suffolk, VA! I wish I had taken more pictures of our packing but my camera on my phone died and I had to pack my nice camera My husband did an awesome job! We packed up our whole house with storage totes and didn't have to deal with boxes and tape! We had multiple offers to baby sit our kids but they really were not much in the way! I did have my sister keep them for the final clean up so I could scrub everything down and do touch up paint! Praise the Lord we got every penny back from our security deposit!
 My husband took down all the furniture by himself! A good friend from church helped us unload at the new house and drove back to the old house for the second load of stuff. They even picked up a couch and loveseat on craigslist for my sister in the midst of the move! Another guy from church came and helped set up the bunk beds the next day. We fully unpacked in less than 2 days! These are the only pics I got of the

                      We put all the hardware in this box so we wouldn't loose any! Praise the Lord for a smooth move and faithful friends and family!

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