Saturday, November 22, 2014

Decently and In Order:Hampton Rental Home: Kitchen

 At last I am posting some of my favorite kitchen organization ideas just a week before we move again! Praise the Lord God provided a wonderful rental home for our family on the other side of the tunnel and for $150 a month cheaper. Plus it has an extra bedroom, extra garage space, a front porch, and is 15 minutes from the new church plant our church has sent out. So we are hoping to be a great witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and be hospitable to the people of Suffolk, VA. One of my favorite things about being a family who remembers to do things decently and in order (most of the time...there are those moments) is that we have more time to reach out to others without worrying about having to put our own selves back in order first...and to me that is priceless and worth the extra 10 seconds it takes to put things back where they belong or being called OCD.

So this is the first cabinet in the kitchen: I like white dishes because it gives a bright look when you open the cabinets =) The bamboo plate stacker is at Walmart and is wonderful for not having to move all the little plates to get to the big ones =)

 Our storage container cabinet. I like to use glass storage containers....I am not sure why my husband is trying to contaminate us with those plastic glade j/k. 

This is our "medicine" cabinet. We use vitamins and oils to help our family feel better. The bamboo spice tiered shelf is also at walmart for about $6. I love the thieves and peppermint oil combo I have been putting that on my 21 month olds feet and his runny nose disappears in about an hour!

We upcycled some old food jars and stuck a chalkboard label on them for a uniformed look. 

 Okay so I have a lot of kitchen gadgets I earned most of them for free with my short lived career as a Pampered Chef The minimalist in me says sell them on craigslist...but the other side says keep them they are so nice and shiny and you might just use them all one day. The bamboo drawer dividers were also free from Pampered Chef =).

 More Bamboo....I really like bamboo in the kitchen =). 
 Our "Junk" drawer using another Walmart Bamboo product.

 In the cabinets I keep like items together: this is my baking cabinet.

This is my small appliance cabinet.

Until next time....Let all things be done decently and in order!


Kara Bullock said...

Looks great, Kelly! I hope you guys are doing well. I'm glad you have so many nice Pampered Chef things in your kitchen :-) Best wishes on your upcoming move. Blessings, Kara

Home Instead said...

Welcome to the area! I found your blog from Are They All Yours...I live in Hampton Roads...

Jenn in Indiana said...

Wow how exciting you are moving again! Will you still be close to family? Do you think you will one day be able to own a home again? Your kitchen is so pretty and organized. I was wondering what you do with the mung beans? Good Luck on your move. I am sure it will be quite an organized move. I love to see how you organize, it really helps me so much! God Bless!

Shelby said...

Love love love it Kelly. I just recently started using the Thieves oils on my littles. I will have to combine the peppermint with it:) Where do you buy your oils or is there a brand you prefer? I love your organization and YOU would be proud I donated 5 bags of toys that the littles don't play with that much.


Kelly Logan said...

Thank you ladies =) We will be moving just 45 minutes away from where we are now. My sister is the only one local to us now and she attends church with us so we won't be missing any family with this move. The mung beans are just for soup I am not that exciting of a We have the young living oils because the start up kit was only $150 with 10 oils and the diffuser when you sign up as a member which is a great value =). 5 bags of toys is alot good job Shelby =).