Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Born Days

 Baby Moses is 6 days old already!! I am enjoying snuggling with him all day! Chris has been off of work and is cleaning, homeschooling, taking the kids to the park and looking at rental homes! I am so blessed to have my husband step in and care for all the daily duties so I can recover sooner =). We have had an abundance of delicious food from our church family and lots of visitors! My mom is coming this Saturday! We had a sweet friend from church come and take a few newborn pics of Moses and I just love the one in Chris' hands!

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.


Lindsey said...

Awe! So cute! I'm so happy you all have found such a welcoming church family.

We are currently looking for a rental home and to say I'm worried would be an understatement so maybe you can help. We have lived here through all 4 babies so a long time! I'm worried about landlords being afraid of the size of our family and more importantly, afraid that we homeschool because being home most of the day means more "wear and tear" in their eyes I'm sure. What have been your experiences with this?

Second, have you had trouble with your neighbors being bothered by the noise your kids make? My older 3 can get LOUD and we live in an apartment. No complaints yet but I'm constantly paranoid someone will complain so always reminding them to be quiet. It's really not a good way to live - in paranoia. We live in a big city but a family of 6 in a 2 bedroom apt that also homeschools REALLY sticks out. Our manager has made it clear we have too many people now so I'm even more worried about the noise until we can find a new place. And when we do, I'm worried about having to do it all over again with new neighbors. Do you let your kids play outside much during the day?

Sorry for the novel and all the questions. I just don't have anyone in real life to ask. We don't belong to any homeschool groups. Do you?

And why are you all moving??? Having to worry about that after just having a baby is no fun. Moving in general is just not my thing. Change and I are not friends.

Glad you and Moses are doing well!

Kelly Logan said...

Oh Lindsey I know the feeling! We had quite the experience last year with the realtor bring measuring tape and all to look at homes with us....lol! I am going to write up a blog about our journey with finding rental homes with a large family...lol =)