Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Decently and In Order: Rental Home Entry Way

We have been in our rental home for 6 months so far and are enjoying living closer to family =). Our lease will be up in 6 more months and we are not totally sure yet if we will stay or move again.....so I figured I better do my decently and in order organizing posts before our lease runs up =). Enjoy =)

We got this shelf and the baskets from Target to store shoes. The entire upstairs is carpeted and so I wanted to make sure it stays clean....meaning no shoes upstairs! I didn't want to have a mountain of shoes at the bottom of the steps either. This is both pleasing to the eye and functional for more than just shoes! 

I made the labels with the cricut of course and laminated them (forgive the glare from the laminator they look much nicer in real life)

I stuff each childs gloves inside their hat to avoid confusion. 

Each of our 3 older boys have one pair of dress shoes and one pair of tennis shoes. Less is More=).

 Chris has 5 pairs of shoes......I thought he was a minimalist....j/k =).

We have two empty baskets which are helpful for guest with lots accessories they don't want to tote around our home.

The shoe rack is by Closet Maid and also from Target. Rachel has 6 pairs of shoes that is 3 times more than each boy....lol. I also have 6 pairs of shoes....must be a girl thing!

This ottoman is from Kohls we got it for $30 after Kohls cash on Black Friday.
 It is helpful for putting on shoes and has storage space!

That is all for the entry way! =)

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Manuela said...

Hi Kelly, no new post? What is wrong? LOL, love to read your blog. By the way, my phone is not working. It took a dive in my washing machine. Wished I could talk with you. How is your pregnancy going? And how is everybody doing? Still miss you. Shoot me an email sometimes. Love you guys!