Friday, October 2, 2009

New Photos!

Studio Max came to the BX a few weeks ago and we got the boys photos done. After much crying and some burger king fries this is what came out. I went to pick up the photos today and the lady tried to sell me a 300.00$$$ package I told her I would get no such package and the cheapest package they had started at 90.00 so after I told her I would not be spending 90.00 on pictures she offered me the unseen deal of 60.00 so I went ahead and got 10 pictures for 60.00. I know it is expensive but atleast Joshua looks super cute! Joshua was All smiles as usual
Noah was easy to please

This is the best that came from Christian


liz said...

Thank you. Now I know to avoid this company if they ever come to our BX. =) Oh well, they are really cute pictures!

Logan Family said...

I know this old lady was trying really hard and I signed the reciept log and looked at the prices the people paid before I did and they got a senior airmans wife to spend 469!!! I felt like I couldn't walk away I need to bring someone with me next time to pull me away with my 10.45 10x13!

Manuela said...

They are super-cute. How is your hubby? And yes, you don't want to leave cats with me. LOL