Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Rooming in with Baby

As a large family mom when you announce you are expecting a new baby some will ask, "Where are you going to put another one?" No matter how small a space we have had to work with we always find space for just one more! Little is much when God is in it! We like to keep our babies close by us for atleast the first year. Our last baby stayed until she was 2!  A pack n play bassinet works great until they are ready to move in with the big kids.
Here is little Luke napping in his bassinet at 4 weeks old, but just 38 weeks gestation since he is a preemie.

Molly kept her spot by the window and just loves baby Luke, she gets up each time he cries to check on him.

I created a little space for Luke in my closet. There was actually an unused little nook in the corner of my closet that ended up being the perfect spot for his things! We were very blessed with gifts for our little guy so I had to pull out my organizing skills that are mostly on the back burner these days of my crazy I ordered the shelf and all bins from Target to create a functional storage space. 


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